What is co-generation?

Co-generation is the process of generating power on site using an engine or turbine while recovering the heat for use on site.

What are the applications and advantages of diesel generators?

Diesel generators provide robust, reliable standby power and can be started in a matter of seconds. They are ideally suited to providing backup power in power-critical applications from hospitals and data centers to industrial sites.

What are the applications and advantages of co-generation?

Co-generation is well suited to a wide range of sites – commercial and industrial facilities, residential buildings, hospitals etc. Any site with both electrical and heating demand may be able to benefit from an installed co-generation system. Co-generation provides the advantage of energy efficiency, which yields both financial savings and emissions savings. It can also provide power to the site in the event of a blackout.

What is bio-mass / bio-gas generation, and what are its advantages and applications?

Bio-mass / bio/gas generation is power generation fuelled by the gas emitted from biological matter, thus saving energy which might go to waste. It is suited to sites which have waste biological matter which can act as a source of the gas, such as landfills, waste treatment facilities, etc.

How we get the best results

Step 1

Consult, analyse plant design and energy usage, make high level design and proposal

Step 2

Detailed designs, approval by the client

Step 3

 Build in Melbourne (AUS).
Install on site

Step 4

Commissioning to make sure things are running smoothly

Step 5

Post Commissioning, remote monitoring of equipment

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