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Tri & Cogeneration

Simultaneous production and exploitation of two energy sources, electrical and thermal, from a system...  more

Bio Gas & Bio Mass

Biological material from living, or recently living organisms such as wood, crops, animal waste, sewage gas... more

Emission Control

Nitrogen oxides represent the major contributors to the formation of smog and acid rain... more


SDA is one of the few companies that has the required skills, knowledge and experience... more

Company Overview
SDA Engineering (SDA) is a specialist power generation and cogeneration services provider deliveing efficient energy solutions for our clients.
SDA is sympathetic to the environment and sustainability demands of today's clients and are proud recipients of engineering awards received for past projects by the institution of Engineers Australia in their Environmental class.
The core of the company's expertise is in plant interface design, power generation, Co & Tri generation, diesel and gas engines, gas turbines, auxiliary systems, thermal heat recovery and emission controls.
This above core expertise coupled with our knowledge and experience with gas and electricity supply network, council, and state development and authority approval systems enables us to provide world class customised services to match client's requirements with:
  • Full project management or engineering assistance in electrical, mechanical and civil disciplines.
  • Full turnkey responsibility (design, construct, supply and installation) or construction supervicion and installation and commissioning services.